ISC2 ThinkTank

2017 January 26

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet.. I'm Hunting Threats! Finding & Dealing with Threats

Join me for what should be a fascinating and informative panel discussion on threat hunting. You can join live to participate in the Q&A or listen to the recording later.


2017 January 12


Isolation Based Security Provides Prevention and Enhances Incident Response

Careful Design of Network and System Security Architecture Can Substantially Enhance Security. Detection & Response are often positioned as competing with Isolation & Prevention. While these classes of security solutions often approach the problem in radically different ways, there can be synergies which allow them to significantly reinforce each other.

ISC2 ThinkTank

2016 December 20 1PM EST

I am speaking on the ThinkTank round table "Threats - The Wolf that Never Leaves the Door"  at 1PM EST December 20. Join us here. A recording should be available shortly after the event.

SINET 16 Awards

2016 November 3

I am proud and excited to be speaking at the 2016 SINET 16 awards event as representative of one of the winning companies, Passages.


2016 October 14

Breaking the ooda loop!

The OODA loop is a well established concept often used in security which originated in the military. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.
OODA is an iterative process because after each action you need to observe your results and any new opposing action. The idea is that if you can consistently get to the action faster than your opponent you can beat them. It is typically described using an airplane dogfight analogy – airplanes try to turn more quickly and sharply than their opponent in order to get off a shot. But, as you turn faster and faster the g-forces build and at this point the ever faster OODA loop is more like a centrifuge crushing us. We need to break out of the loop and find a new way to play the security game.

ASIS / ISC2 Conference

2016 September 12-15

I will be giving two talks at the ASIS / ISC2 conference in Orlando. The first is on why targeting of attacks will be the next big trend. The second is on how to achieve improved security through application isolation.

HTCIA Conference

2016 August 29,30

I will be speaking at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) conference. The session is called "Going Online Undercover: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices"


2016 February 28

I will be speaking at BSidesSF on Sunday at 5:00. The presentation is called "In the Crosshairs: The Trend towards Targeted attacks"