My Homepage

I am old enough to recall the days before search engines. Back then a "homepage" was a website you created to hold links to your favorite sites for your own use and to share them with others. They are always a work in progress, this is mine.


Advisory Board Agreement Template

This is my favorite easy to use contract for early stage companies and their advisors. It is free and well designed. Click here to download the latest version of the agreement.

By Bruce Schneier

Applied Cryptography 

This book was my gateway drug to the world of computer security. I studied it obsessively and used it extensively when developing the Mixmaster remailer in the early 1990's


Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise

I have been active in the local Sunrise Rotary Club in Healdsburg since 2012. It is the first time I have been involved with a service organization. The personal satisfaction and friendships have far exceeded my expectations. If you have never tried joining an organization like Rotary please consider it.


North Bay Angels

I am on the board and screening committee of the North Bay Angels (confusingly shortened to NBA). We are a group of active angel investors looking for promising companies in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

True Names ... and other Dangers

This book by Vernor Vinge was decades ahead of its time in thinking about virtual reality, and online anonymity. It was a huge influence in me and the Cypherpunk community in general.