This is a really interesting article on the lack of terrorism against the US.

This statistic really reinforces a point that I keep making. We are putting effort and treasure into fighting terrorism orders of magnitude out of proportion to its impact.

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Suicide Bomber These Days? - By Charles Kurzman | Foreign Policy:

Out of more than 150,000 murders in the United States since 9/11 -- currently more than 14,000 each year -- Islamist terrorists accounted for fewer than three dozen deaths by the end of 2010. Part of the credit for this is surely due to the law-enforcement officers and community members who have worked to uncover plots before they could be carried out. But fewer than 200 Muslim Americans have been involved in violent plots since 9/11, most of them overseas, so credit for the low level of violence must be due primarily to the millions of Muslims who have refrained from answering the call to terrorism.