The End of an Era

Anonymizer 2017-02.jpg

I founded Anonymizer Inc. in 1995, almost 23 years ago. It was born of my passion and commitment to privacy, security, and anonymity. I deeply appreciate the support, encouragement, and loyalty from the millions of people who have used the service over the years.

I am profoundly proud of what this company has accomplished. We were the first commercial internet privacy service in the world. We created the Kosovo Privacy Project, provided censorship circumvention services to hundreds of thousands of people in China and Iran, and worked with numerous human rights groups to provide protected communications and safe access to information. We also set up a secure anonymous terrorist tip site in the first days following 9/11.

The landscape for consumer privacy has changed radically since those early days. There are now numerous VPN and privacy services. Modern tracking technologies go far beyond using simple cookies and IP addresses. Users need protection on mobile devices as much or more than on desktops. Over the last decade and more, our focus has shifted to creating high-end capabilities to defeat the most sophisticated online tracking and surveillance capabilities. It has been a long time since our consumer services have constituted even 1% of our total business. This has left our basic consumer VPN service without the love and attention it needs.

Rather than allow Anonymizer to slowly wither, we have decided to shut down our consumer VPN service effective September 1, 2018. However, we would never leave our subscribers out in the cold. I spent months researching the best VPN services to find a partner to take on our existing users. InvinciBull stood out based on their history, commitment, and the people behind it. I have met with them multiple times and have the highest confidence in them and their service.

InvinciBull will take over providing VPN services for all of Anonymizer’s existing subscribers, at no cost, for the duration of their subscriptions.

I am sorry to see this chapter of Anonymizer come to a close, but I am excited to be able to focus all of my energy and creativity on high-end solutions, specialty services, and cutting-edge technologies.